This is my first ever blog, and as such the topic is one close to my heart. For me, having Appetite 4 Life is all about creating a positive mind-set, a mind-set that is ready, able and willing to “attack” every new day as if it were the first.

Do you ever struggle? Maybe you feel life never goes your way? You can change that with a little positivity…..

In the dictionary positivity is defined as : a quality or state characterized by certainty or acceptance or affirmation

So how does one go about creating this positive state? Is it something one just is – a positive person? Surely, if this is so then why do we experience good and bad days, positive feelings as well as negative? What influences those bad days, and what leads us to those great, all shining positive moments?

About a year ago I was going through a particularly hard phase. Life seemed full of uphill battles, the children were hard work, I was not connecting with my husband and faces I met en route to school pick-ups or at the park just didn’t seem friendly. There were lots of tears, too much shouting and worse of all, too much of this heavy, dark feeling just hanging around me all the time.

Negativity is a vicious circle just as positivity is a self-reinforcing one and there is only one way out of a deep, black hole and that is up!! Once up, even if the climb is steep, you are a stronger person and one who has learnt more about yourself. Do not let the negativity define you – choose to define yourself.

Here is an incredibly effective way to turn your negative thoughts into positive ones.

Every night before you go to sleep take five minutes to, in a little booklet (or on paper), write down three positive things that you have felt or experienced during that day. It can be as simple as a perfectly clear blue sky, a look from one of your children, a delicious meal etc.

At first it may seem hard to find three things but believe me, within a week or two you will be filling pages and very quickly you will feel positivity creeping into your life. Give it a go and let me know how you get on.

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