Autumn Creeping In

I know the weather is signalling BBQ’s, paddling pools, beach and summer but I cannot help but relish the subtle signs of Autumn creeping in! I adore this change in season with all that it brings to the table.

The end of Summer and beginning of Autumn, for me, is all about colour. Everywhere you look it’s magic for the senses.

It is collecting apples from the ground and making juice, apple crumble, apple puffs, apple sauce – you name it! If you are not an enthusiastic cook then making apple animals is a great rainy (or sunny) afternoon activity with the children, as are apple prints!

It is about mushroom hunting! Nothing quite like it – practically a treasure hunt for adults and children alike! Make sure you know what you are picking though! 🙂

It is long walks in the woods with the crunching of leaves under your feet and letting your children pick out the most beautiful ones to make rubbings, prints or wreaths for your front door with.

It is creating piles of red, orange and yellow leaves with the children and then letting them jump into them! The shrieks of laughter stay with me for ages.

Pumpkin soup and carving! Loving the soup inspiring weather that will come our way! And Halloween – even if commercial – does allow those creative juices to flow.

Conkers – it is hard to get anywhere on time these days as the children are collecting like mad! In our house we have made conker animals – a bit more peaceful than the traditional UK Conkers fight!!

So even if I will miss summer with the late, warm evenings, the unavoidable BBQ smell and the children being very free and constantly outdoors, I welcome Autumn! I welcome it because it brings togetherness, colour, creativity and so many chances to get in touch with nature which is where, ultimately, I believe we belong!

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