Rise and Shine

What a stunning morning to wake up to! It does not get much better than this – almost October and the sun shining from a clear blue sky, t-shirt only and flip flops….Thank you! More of this please.

In my blog yesterday I discussed positivity and how simple steps can help you change your appreciation and happiness. For me, food is right up there on the list of what makes me happy! There is nothing better than walking back from the local farmer’s market with my bags full of fresh vegetables, fruit, bread, oils and cheese – usually I look like the town fool – grinning madly from ear to ear!

Today’s blog is dedicated to breakfast…

Mornings are magic – everything is new and fresh and the day ahead full of the unknown.

Breakfast – the first meal of the day – and for me the most important one! Apart from the fact that I am usually starving when I wake up, breakfast is the meal that I find easiest and quickest to prepare. Always fresh fruit, yogurt, granola, large glass of water, coffee – sometimes a spinach and mushroom omelette, sometimes pancakes with fruit, sometimes toast – so much choice!

I can hear disagreement:

  • I am never hungry in the morning
  • I’m too busy to eat in the morning
  • I am on a diet and breakfast is easy to skip

You may feel very strongly about some or all the points above BUT if you start your day with a good breakfast this will actually boost your energy as well as help you not only reach, but maintain, a healthy weight. Why is this you ask? Well – by starting your day with a large, varied breakfast you are actually eating food when your body is at its best ability to burn calories. Furthermore, your appetite will be satisfied for longer and therefore you will snack less during the day.

Apart from keeping you lean and healthy, eating breakfast will increase your attention span and actually give you a general sense of well-being. You will balance your blood sugar and as a direct result of this will be in a place where you are in control of your emotions – you WILL feel great!

For those that really do not feel hungry in the morning, try this:

  • Firstly – do not eat your evening meal any later than 6.30pm – if you eat a large meal in the evening your body will still be trying to digest it in the morning!
  • Secondly – start small. Have a few slices of fruit and half a piece of whole meal toast. After a few days your hunger will increase and you can then add to this.

For those that feel they do not have time to eat in the morning:

  • Lay things out in the evening – plates, cutlery, cups etc
  • Prepare school lunches, book bags etc in the evening
  • Get up 10 minutes earlier in the morning – you are investing in your health here!

HAVE BREAKFAST! It’s good for you! It will make you happy! It will make you glow 🙂

Have a look at the recipe page for great breakfast treats!

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