The Magic of Lemons

After my chocolate passion spell, followed by a week on holiday with lots of marshmallow roasting and cream teas, I wanted a healthy theme and one that included a food I could cook and use mostly for savoury recipes. When I then read on the Discovery Health website that Vitamin C promotes the production of collagen (a protein that encourages cell growth and promotes skin firmness) I knew that lemon would be a good choice!

It has been lovely using lemon in all my recipes, from breakfast to dinner, and apart from feeling positively refreshed, I am sure my skin looks better! Furthermore, our home has gained a wonderful subtle scent of spring – without me even needing to clean!

Lemon is well-known for having a multitude of health benefits, the main ones being strong antibacterial, antiviral, and immune-boosting powers. They also act as a weight loss aid due to the fact that they induce the liver to create bile which is a juice that dissolves the fat in your food (more on this in a great article on During this process. the juices also clean out your liver. If these are not enough reasons to enjoy some of my recipes, read on to discover more glorious secrets about this little yellow gem!

Do you feel your skin is getting wrinkly? Looking and feeling a bit tired – children keeping you up at night maybe? Feel a sore throat or flu coming on? If this is the case, don’t go  spending a fortune on medicine or beauty products. Whether you use lemons in the form of juice, teas, drinks, dressing, food or in the bath, take advantage of their natural healing power. Containing many substances, notably citric acid, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, bioflavonoids, pectin, and limonene that promote immunity and fight infection, on top of keeping the skin wrinkle free, glowing and healthy, it would be a shame to at least not give them a try. So I did!

For the past week I have had a cup of hot water and lemon juice every morning, as well as ginger, honey and lemon tea at night, and I am sure my skin looks healthier. Apart from seeing a glow that wasn’t there, I have become addicted to the evening tea…it’s so good.

I have luckily not been hit by cold or flu this autumn, but had I been, lemon would go far in preventing this as well as sending it on its way once there. At the first indication of a cold – a runny nose or sore throat –try to give your body as much immune-boosting vitamin C as you can so that the virus is eliminated before it gets a chance to really take hold. An easy way to do this is to drink a cup of hot water and lemon every couple of hours – read the Lemon Recipe section for more on this!


Do you, or maybe your partner, suffer from bad breath? Nothing worse… Bad breath is often caused by a lack of salivation, and of course coffee, cigarettes and certain foods! To avoid the bad breath, thoroughly rinse your mouth several times a day with the freshly squeezed juice of 1 lemon in a glass of lukewarm water. An easier way is to just chew on a lemon slice after every meal!

How about your hands? Ever cook with garlic or fish? Find it hard to get rid of that horrible smell on your fingers? Rub your fingers in lemon juice and then wash – no more nasty smell!

All of the above would be enough of a reason to love and enjoy lemons on a daily basis,
however luckily the tangy lemon flavour is also divine in food! Lemon, honey, garlic and thyme roast chicken, the children loved this, chilli and lemon prawns, one for my husband, and two light and gorgeous meals that did it for me – lemon linguine and skate wing with walnuts and lemon dressing.

We loved making easy lemon fish goujons as a family, even my one year old got her hands dirty, and the lemon drizzle cup cakes and “citron fromage”  went down a treat! We even made candied lemon peels that were beautiful to decorate the cakes with and I musn’t forget to mention the homemade lemon curd….yum!

One week definitely felt too short for this wonderful food so I think I will be adding many more recipes to the lemon section as we go along! Give the recipes a try, not for me but for you, and let me know if you feel that inner and outer glow.

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