Lemon, Honey and Garlic Roast Chicken

Full of flavour and really crisp – perfect Sunday meal or playdate food – thrown in the oven and spend time with your family while it cooks!

1 whole chicken
4 jacket potatoes choped into 8 pieces each
2 lemons
Lots of garlic cloves – to taste of course
Fresh rosemary
Runny Honey
Sea Salt/Pepper to taste
  • Take your chicken and rub it with lots of salt and pepper. Leave it for an hour or so in the fridge.
  • Preheat oven to 190C
  • Chop the potatoes and place in a pot of cold, salted water – bring to boil and drain once boiling. Let them steam dry for a few minutes then shake around in pot to make slightly fluffy…adds to crispiness!
  • Get your chicken and shake off excess salt. Place it in a roasting tin and drizzle with olive oil and honey. Rub this into it. Sticky job! Let the children do it!
  • Place a whole lemon and some garlic cloves inside the cavity of the chicken.
  • Put it in the oven and cook for 40 minutes
  • Take out chicken and add potatoes to the dish – any liquids from the chicken are great for basting it with as well as coating the potatoes with!
  • Sprinkle rosemary onto chicken and potatoes
  • Place remaining garlic cloves in between potatoes
  • Cut the remaining lemon into small quarters and place into the tin
  • You can add a splash of white wine to the tin also – not necessary though!
  • Put everything back into the oven and cook until chicken is done – usually another 40- 50 minutes depending on size
  • Meat should pull away from chicken easily and juices run clear if stabbed
  • Enjoy! I love to eat the roasted garlic with the chicken as it has a lovely sweet flavour when warm. It is gorgeous on fresh bread…yummmmmyyy!

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