Positive Mind

Following on from my blogs on Positivity, Breakfast and Weeding – some recipe bullet points on how to create a positive mind!


  • Every night, write down three great things that you have experienced, felt, seen, tasted or even smelt during the day. Remind yourself of the simple things that are in your life. Examples of mine are: a beautiful blue sky, a phone call from a friend, a smile from a stranger on the street, a great cup of coffee! It may take some time for you to do this in the beginning, it may even feel silly, but soon you will be full of positive thoughts and your general attitude will change.
  • Find a peaceful moment in your day, sit down and close your eyes. Take some deep breaths and try to think of nothing! Sounds easy but it really is not. Simply clear your mind, breathe, relax. Just for five minutes. Centre yourself and feel how it makes you strong and ready to battle on.
  • Eat a good breakfast! This will set you up for the day and enable you to focus on getting those seedlings of happiness growing into big, healthy plants!
  • Smile. Smile at people you meet in the street. Smile when you wake up. Smile when you go to sleep. When you answer the phone or ring someone – smile! It does make a difference!
  • De clutter! Pick something to clear up. Be it on a to-do-list, your desk, your wardrobe, some weeding in the garden, the children’s toys, something on your mind – anything! Set your mind to get it cleaned up and do it! It is such a relief when it is done and I swear you feel refreshed!

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