Bat Biscuits

These biscuits can be used at any time of the year to be honest! Simply shape and decorate according to season. Easy and sweet….what more could you want!?

100g sugar
100 butter
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla essence
225g flour
  • Pre heat oven to 190C
  • Mix butter and sugar together until creamy
  • Add egg and vanilla essence and stir well
  • When smooth, add the flour slowly until a soft dough is formed
  • Leave to harden slightly  in fridge for 20-30 minutes
  • Dust work surface and roll dough out to about 5mm thickness
  • Cut the dough into the shapes you want – bats, ghosts….(Christmas Tree, Star, Easter Bunny)
  • Place on baking parchment on a tray and into the oven
  • Bake for about 10 minutes – will depend on your oven – keep an eye on them! When finished they will be slightly brown around the edges.
  • Transfer to a wire rack and let cool completely before decorating with icing

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