Pumpkin Carving

My absolute favourite part of Halloween! The orangy/yellow light that flickers through the pumpkin is magical and I adore seeing them lit up in front of houses and in windows.

Fresh pumpkin
Sharp knife
Good black pen
Metal spoon
  • Pick a good pumpkin! Consider where you are placing it – if in a window then maybe smaller is better!
  • With the pen, draw the shape you will cut out on top of the pumpkin – this will act as your lid. With the sharp knife, cut out this shape –  grown ups should probably do the carving bit….
  • With the metal spoon, scoop out all the flesh and seeds – keep these in a bowl for use in other recipes! This is a great one for little fingers! Ensure you leave a few centimetres of “wall” inside the pumpkin.
  • With the pen, draw your design on the “face” of the pumpkin! Scary? Sweet? You can either let your children use their imagination or buy a stencil.
  • Once satisfied with the drawing, get the knife out and carve the shape.
  • When you are finished, clean any remaining pen markings off with a bit of household spirit.
  • Place a tea light in the bottom, replace lid and wait for darkness so you can really show off your hard work!
  • On Halloween night only light your pumpkin if you are happy for trick or treaters to come and knock on your door…the lit pumpkin is often used to signal “welcome”…

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