Advent Fun

Happy First Sunday of Advent! For me, Christmas can now begin…bring out the decorations, mulled wine, music, cookie baking and crafts!

Christmas is such a special time, I treasure it. The scents of cinnamon and cloves and spruce in the house, the children’s excitement, the candles lit everywhere, more smiles – it seems everyone has that little bit extra time for one another.

It is becoming our family’s tradition to make our own advents wreaths – however these are not necessarily very traditional in their looks!

It all starts with a walk in the woods to collect bits – oh such wonderful things you can find! We let the children loose with baskets and they come back with all their treasure – which may look dull, but put together and with a bit of gold and glitter they transform!

This year we were able to get holly in our own garden…love holly!

We left all the bits to dry out for a few days and then spray painted some of the items…

Clay bought (you can also use oasis but harder to find!) – we spent Saturday morning together – creating! Everyone to their best ability – outcome not really of utmost importance! Rather the togetherness!

All you do is mold the clay into a circular shape and place a candle in the middle. Then cover the clay with spruce, fern, moss and holly – add in acorns, pine cones, berries – any decorations to be honest… The result is lovely (usually!) and we then light one candle each Sunday – as well as the every day one…


My 6 year old has been at it for a few years now so is getting really good!

My 4 year old is getting there…

My 2 year old loving it and keeping it simple…

And this is mine…still learning!

2 thoughts on “Advent Fun

  1. Lynette says:

    They look delightful. Josie was given an advent candle at the playgroup we go to. It was so funny. There were about 35 children ranging from 1 year to 3 years and they lit them all while the vicar blessed them. We were all nervous wrecks waiting for someone’s hair to go up. It was fun though and really sweet. We’ll have to gather some foliage and make a wreath.

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