Give them Advent Memories…

How many advent calendar fillers are you hunting for this year? Has it caused you grief? Cost you a fortune? Lacking inspiration? So I ask you this….Why all the sweets? All the silly little gifts? Apart from the cost and stress in finding them….do they really give your children anything valuable? Maybe a bit of excitement, but then they end up binned.

This year I wanted to do something different. I wanted to make advent memories. Advent fun. Advent surprises and treats – but in the shape of activities we will be doing as a family!

The idea is simple – either make up the activities yourself (or with your partner) or ask your children what activities they love. Then write 24 little notes – these can include:

  1. Television Dinner Treat (let your children have dinner and a film!)
  2. Swimming trip
  3. Walk in the woods with hot chocolate at the end
  4. Cookie Baking Session
  5. Crafting Session
  6. Cinema trip

I am sure you will have your own ideas!

Write them up, get little clips and make your fronting numbers – I used glue and glitter but you could just as easily stencil and draw or stamp images…many choices!

Hang the line somewhere easily accessible and open a new adventure and memory every day!

(PS – The quick ones have noticed I have not included the Sundays below….these days we give ours a gift – just so they have a little parcel now and again)

10 thoughts on “Give them Advent Memories…

  1. Lynette says:

    Wow that’s spooky! We’ve done the same this year and it’s almost identical. It’s activities based and clipped with pegs to twine that I fastened to a frame. So simple, I knocked it up in an hour last night and it looks so cool.

  2. Susan says:

    Wonderful! My kids are past Advent calendars now, but anything that moves us away from the crazy consumerism of Christmas is a move in the right direction. But this reminds me of how my mom used to buy each grandchild a German Advent calendar, the ones with chocolates behind each door, every year. It makes me so sad that she can’t do that anymore. She can’t take the lead in making cookies with them either–but this is a chance for us to give back, and we can go over and make cookies and let her help. It is those kinds of gifts, the kind you suggested, the ones money can’t buy, that are the most meaningful.

  3. trixfred30 says:

    This is miles better than what happens in our house – this year they want a Lego Star Wars Mini Figure Advent Calender – I don’t think they are getting the Christman message properly!

    • Appetite 4 Life says:

      šŸ™‚ It’s not easy! Mine did sort of frown when I mentioned what we would be doing this year but actually, two days in, they are admitting it is nice! I have seen the LEGO ones and they are fab….lucky children you have! Thanks for your comments and have a lovely December!

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