Thai Impressions

DSC_0508Thailand was never a place I wanted to visit. I yearn for some destinations, dream of them, plan holidays in future years but Thailand has never made that list. Not sure why.

Then, my mother in law bought a house there, and suddenly it was the next destination. That was four years ago and we have just been back for our second holiday. How do I feel about the country now? I could live there, permanently, without giving it a second thought! Why? Well, the list is long but topping it….it has to be….it has to be:

  • The Food. It has to be the food that tops the list! The colours, the flavours, the philosophy under which meals are prepared, the scents that tickle your nostrils and massage your palette. Amazing. If you dare to let go and try things that look strange; things that come out of odd leaves, containers and pots then you are in for a treat.
  • The People. Respectful, not pushy, at peace, not stressed, happy, kind, accommodating. Always a smile, always ready to help. We have a lot to learn in the west
  • The Weather. Average 30 degrees C in February. Nice. No further comment.
  • The Activities. Diving, kite boarding, snorkelling, go-karting, fishing, cooking classes, animal shows, morning market, night markets, fish markets, walk-in streets, trekking to tops of water falls and skinny dipping in them, riding elephants…. We did all of these and could easily have done more.

We took a few hours worth of cooking lessons from a fabulous Thai lady who ran a much acclaimed Thai Restaurant in Australia for 20 years. Short, stout, strict, and bossy as anything, but passionate about ingredients. About when to stir and when to leave, about pestle and mortar, about using every little bit of the raw materials – out of respect for both nature and the client who is to eat the dish. From the lesson came three dishes and I will share them on the blog. Mouth-watering yet so simple and quick to cook!

Before I start recipe writing I want to share my favourites pictures from our trip. Hopefully they will draw you in and let you feel just a little of the magic that is Thailand. It truly is a place where your soul can rest and re-fresh; when you have time to think and focus; a place where stress does not seem to exist and most importantly, to a food lover like I am, a place where the food you find at little road stands is simply divine and different. Where the best local restaurants are nothing more than a wok on fire and you walk through the chef’s living room to be seated. Completely different; completely fabulous!

Enjoy the gallery….and share your experiences! Have you been to Thailand? What was your best bit?

6 thoughts on “Thai Impressions

  1. Charlotte says:

    Dejligt at høre I har haft det så godt -og spændende. Glæder mig til at få del i din thaicooking viden og smage den , via dine hænder 😉 Knus Charlotte

  2. Sole says:

    Wonderful photos, make me want to go back, right now 😉 I’ve been to Thailand 3 times so far, definitely plan on going again. Like you, one of the main attractions is the food. Thai is my alltime favourite food, never get tired of it. The people are wonderful. I think some of the best food I’ve ever had in Thailand was at a local market on Koh Samui. We came back almost every night for 10 days. Freshly made, cheap and sooo flavourful. The street vendors in Bangkok are definitely worth it as well, never got disappointed. Thanks again for the great photos!!!

    • Appetite 4 Life says:

      You’re welcome. It is amazing. Funny you say Samui is where you had the best street food – all these pictures are taken on Koh Samui and I agree – street food there is delicious!
      Thanks for stopping by and liking.

  3. afracooking says:

    Oh your pictures took me straight back to my visit to Thailand. I cannot believe it is already 10 years ago, but I can still taste those amazing curries….oh and the fresh scallops grilled right there on the beach….ah and that discovery of fat rice noodles. Amazing!!

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