Develop Your Intuition

The other day I read this lovely quote. It made me stop and think. This is how it went:

“A bird in a tree never fears the branch will break because her faith is not in the branch but in her own wings”

Two thoughts entered my mind. Firstly, how wonderful the quote is; how it boils down to self esteem and confidence in our own ability, and how security and happiness must come from within and be centred in ourselves and not from others or dependent on external factors.

Secondly, the quote made me question when we learn to trust our wings? The answer is simple. We are all born with that trust; deeply rooted in our blueprint. As toddlers we explore the world with little fear until something or someone triggers insecurity and fear. Throughout life, we then reinforce fear every time we experience small set backs in life, and we are taught to trust and rely on external factors and people (our grandparents/parents/teachers at school/friends/pets). “Mummy is so proud of you” rather than “You should be so proud of yourself”. And with the passing of time many of us forget to trust and pride in ourselves – living more for others or for external pats on the back (the big house/big pay check/recognition).

What is interesting is that the likelihood of external factors changing; or people leaving; or being wrong or misguided is high. Let’s face it. If you look around yourself, now, how much of what surrounds you has changed during your life? A lot right? I thought so.

Change is phenomenally important, and at times it can be hard. Change drives new paths, creates opportunity and opens the mind. Change shakes the earth beneath your feet and may leave you empty handed and scared and scarred. This is when you need your wings.

When you find yourself in between; that distinct place where your old self and new self are balancing on a thin wire. This in between space is where change begins. It is where your inner voice will clear its throat, dust itself off and whisper, if it can’t shout, for your wings to open and fly. If you trust it to.

Don’t rush this stage, as tempting as it might be. Turn off the clock watching and the impatience and let your intuition guide you. Trust your wings; they are there and will carry you.

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