Chocolate Umbrellas

Chocolate Umbrellas…Doesn’t that sound lovely? Well they are! And cute!

The children were asking what activity we were doing today as they have gotten used to something happening in the kitchen most days during the holidays…I rummaged through my shelves and luckily found some lovely chocolate and some wooden sticks! That really is all you need for this one – oh and something to pour the chocolate into!

Initially I wanted shot glasses but we don’t own any proper ones (horror, I know!) – I liked the thought of chocolate shots – but instead I found some mini cup-cake cases and we ended up with umbrellas!

Don’t think I need to mention that the children loved them – the pictures speak for themselves – another bonus is the fact that I used 70% dark chocolate = rich! They didn’t beg for a second cup! Result!

  • Melt about 200g dark chocolate in heat proof bowl over simmering water – gently!!
  • Pour into case of your choice! Cup cake cases, shot glasses, egg cups, ice-cube trays – anything will do to be honest
  • Let cool for a few minutes in the fridge – then place wooden sticks in the middle
  • Leave in fridge for about an hour – maybe longer if large!
  • If using silicone cup cake cases as I did simply peel off. If using anything glass or ceramic, heat slightly with your hands and gently slide out chocolate shape
  • Give away as a gift in a pretty bag or serve with a steaming hot cup of milk on a cold day…feel the warmth and enjoy the silence!