Squishy Balloon Men

Christmas came and went and was lovely. Very lovely. It has left a warm, happy glow in the house – and a few extra kg’s that need to go…but we will not worry about those until January – right?

Our children love balloons – am not sure I have met a child yet that does not! Here is a little fun activity that will delight!

Warning – it is messy! Very messy! Prepare your mind and working space! 🙂

You will need:

corn flour
pen that dries on any surface
  • Blow up the balloon you are going to fill – a few times is good – and make sure you stretch it well. This will make filling it easier
  • Put a funnel on it
  • Fill with cornflour – as much as you can manage to get in there! This is tricky…my kitchen looked like we had had a snowball fight in it…. I used toothpicks and wooden skewers to stuff it as much as possible but in all honesty, the balloon people will be small and cute as it is hard to get them full!
  • Once you cannot get more into the balloon, add 2 tbsp of water to the funnel and have fun getting this into the balloon! 🙂
  • Close the balloon and dry it
  • Find some string and make hair – any string! Attach to the top of the balloon
  • Draw a face on it and voila! Have fun! Fat, thin, round, square….up to you!
  • The children love them – and they are great if you are feeling slightly stressed or irritable….Have a soothing effect!

If you fail at this activity..it happens…do not despair! Simply put lots of corn flour in a big bowl, add some water and let the children play with the goop! It has a fabulous texture – hard in the water but once you lift it out of the water it melts in your fingers! Great fun!