Rain Experiments

These are good fun – especially if you have a budding scientist at home! The one with steam needs a parent present!

How big is a raindrop?

When you shower and the room steams up you are surrounded by tiny drops of water…They are hard to spot though! This is a way of catching them and having a good look!

  • Put flour in a plate and level it with a spatula or knife
  • Step into the rain and quickly catch a few drops
  • Go back inside and gently pour the flour into a sieve. Ensure all the flower goes through by gently tapping the bowl.
  • When you have finished this, the drops you caught will be in the sieve! You can carefully pour them out to take a closer look and measure them if you’d like.

Create Rain!

Next time your little one asks you where rain comes from – do this one with them! Please help them as I don’t want any little scolded fingers on my conscience!

  • Boil water until steam rises.
  • Hold a tray of ice about 15cm above the steam. Use pot holders to protect your hands from the hot steam.
  • Continue holding the tray until drops form on the bottom, get heavy and fall like rain!


So it rains, and it rains and it rains! Not just dripping either, but full on, heavy rain! Cabin fever is quickly approaching and everyone is itching to do something.

Rainy days can be very frustrating, especially if they come during the holidays or at the weekend, but really they need not have such a bad reputation! There are lots of fun things to do when it rains – even outdoors for the slightly nutty and brave!

My children asked me the other day – when it rains is it because God is watering his plants or having a wee or is it a cloud crying? Had to smile…. They also think clouds are made in factories after seeing a huge chimney spitting out smoke….don’t I wish that was true!

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