Shade Seeking

Here we are, almost in October, having absolutely amazing weather and yet, when expressing my joy at this glorious late summer, I often get the reply, with much feeling: ” it’s too hot”. Excuse me? Nah! Surely not! Too hot?? Then seek the shade!

I was out for a run this morning with a friend, and yes, even at 9am it was very warm. As we were battling along all I could think of was “shade, shade, shade”… I was constantly seeking shade – rather than focussing on my running, the technique, the hills and the road. It made for a very hard workout and at 10k I gave up! (My friend ran on by the way – good girl!)

It made me cross though. I gave up. What is it with human nature? Why is it sometimes so hard to stay strong? Why are some always believing it is too hot or too cold or too windy or too wet…never good enough. Never right. Neighbours grass is always greener. Well here is a thought – maybe it is greener because they water it more…..:-)

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