Passionate about Chocolate

Appetite for Life is all about embarking on new adventures, being brave and embracing all that the world has to offer. It is about finding paths that will lead to happiness, even if only fleeting at times, as it all goes into the pot and keeps you warm when the rainy days come…

So, for the past week, in the name of research – of course – I have been living, breathing and dreaming chocolate! What a treat to indulge completely! With my family on board, and friends as guinea pigs, chocolate has been a consistent ingredient in every meal! Sweet and savoury, some with more culinary success than others, but all have brought excitement and joy to the table!

What is chocolate and why is it that it makes us feel so good? Do your children know where it comes from and how it is made? I am sure some children think it is made at the supermarket! – maybe some adults too! 🙂

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Rise and Shine

What a stunning morning to wake up to! It does not get much better than this – almost October and the sun shining from a clear blue sky, t-shirt only and flip flops….Thank you! More of this please.

In my blog yesterday I discussed positivity and how simple steps can help you change your appreciation and happiness. For me, food is right up there on the list of what makes me happy! There is nothing better than walking back from the local farmer’s market with my bags full of fresh vegetables, fruit, bread, oils and cheese – usually I look like the town fool – grinning madly from ear to ear!

Today’s blog is dedicated to breakfast…

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