After a week of indulgence, it feels natural to return my focus to the body and mind. Sure, positivity and healthy food will get you far in life but in order to have balance it is critical to include exercise in the mix. If you think about it, food feeds the soul, motivational reflection the mind and exercise the body – triangle of health complete!

Is exercise part of your life? If not just think about this: according to the NHS we should all work out 150 minutes a week – 2.5 hours. It sounds like a lot but essentially equates to five 30 minute sessions. If you can do this, the health benefits are a reduced risk of chronic illnesses such as heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity, colon cancer, breast cancer, anxiety and depression. Not bad really.

Still not convinced, still feel like exercise is this massive mental mountain to climb –let me try to change your mind then….

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