Rain Experiments

These are good fun – especially if you have a budding scientist at home! The one with steam needs a parent present!

How big is a raindrop?

When you shower and the room steams up you are surrounded by tiny drops of water…They are hard to spot though! This is a way of catching them and having a good look!

  • Put flour in a plate and level it with a spatula or knife
  • Step into the rain and quickly catch a few drops
  • Go back inside and gently pour the flour into a sieve. Ensure all the flower goes through by gently tapping the bowl.
  • When you have finished this, the drops you caught will be in the sieve! You can carefully pour them out to take a closer look and measure them if you’d like.

Create Rain!

Next time your little one asks you where rain comes from – do this one with them! Please help them as I don’t want any little scolded fingers on my conscience!

  • Boil water until steam rises.
  • Hold a tray of ice about 15cm above the steam. Use pot holders to protect your hands from the hot steam.
  • Continue holding the tray until drops form on the bottom, get heavy and fall like rain!